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Web Development Vestibule Week 2 (Day 1)



Today marked the start of my second week  in the Tech Impact Web Development portion of the vestibule. During the first week I was overwhelmed, due to the fact I was taken out of my comfort zone by the new information that was presented to me. Fascinated, confused, frustrated, and worried all describe how I felt this week. Continue reading “Web Development Vestibule Week 2 (Day 1)”


HTML Class Days 2/ 3

So on the first day of the class I didn’t understand much,the second day was a bit better, today(on day 3) I started to understand. It seems like Today I understood that parent-children relationships and sibling-relationships were not a made up analogy, they actually exist.  In a gist, HTML stands for HYPER TEXT MARKUP LANGUAGE , while CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet. Continue reading “HTML Class Days 2/ 3”

Learning HTML

Hello! I am so happy to be able to say I was invited back to do the three-week course that comprises of html,css, and javascript.  It was freezing this morning and I did not want to leave my house, but that is the price to pay for invaluable knowledge. We had a new instructor who was really helpful and patient, I missed Professor D though. Anyway, we went over some of the basics of html today like the syntax. Continue reading “Learning HTML”

Vestibule WeeK Two ( This is it)


Today is the last day!!! This feels surreal to me, this time two weeks ago I would have never imagined that I could have experienced this. It has been an incredible humbling and helpful experience that I will treasure forever. Professor D, Ms. Leila thank you for giving us your all. No matter the outcome I have learned two very valuable things, 1.) it is not  possible to learn to code from scratch and 2.)  you set the limit for your self.

Continue reading “Vestibule WeeK Two ( This is it)”

Vestibule Week 2 ( The Clock Is Ticking Down)



Tomorrow is the last final day of the last day of the 2 week session and I am little  worried. It has been a short journey, yet it feels like a long trek from where I started. Today I realized that disorganization is  dangerous for a  web developer . Why do I say this?  I was trying to upload some of my work to GitHub  and my usb as well as my  Dropbox looked like this glob of files that were duplicated, etc. It was terrible.  I don’t know what’s worst, running long distance  instead of a sprint or the result of not thinking up a plan before doing something (creating files that aren’t clear) . Continue reading “Vestibule Week 2 ( The Clock Is Ticking Down)”

Vestibule Week2 ( Day 2 )


This is my vision board. The reason I am posting it is because it contains some very powerful words that have helped me on my coding journey thus far. One of my favorite quotes comes from a youtube video called The Winning Mentality states: ”Getting better isn’t a hack or trick, it’s a campaign of hard work and dedication every single day.” Continue reading “Vestibule Week2 ( Day 2 )”

Vestibule-Week 2 (Day 1)

Today was the first day of the second week and I learned something new. Last week when we were asked  to team up in groups for projects and  I possessed a limited understanding of p5.js, so as a result the questions  I thought of  and the way I looked at the code was different.

Today I didn’t just see a glob of letters and numbers on the screen I saw possibilities, and I pleasantly surprised myself because I was starting to get the hang of the lingo. I am proud because I am starting to think more like a web developer. Continue reading “Vestibule-Week 2 (Day 1)”

Music Hackaton (Vestibule Report)

The Sign Screamed,”Look at me!”


It was Saturday morning and after a long, mentally challenging week it is tempting to give into the urge of putting responsibilities on the back burner. However, the winner  will always go the distance (even when the trains are running horribly due to weekend scheduling).

Continue reading “Music Hackaton (Vestibule Report)”

Vestibule Day 4 (Halfway there )

Today day marked the fourth day of the vestibule and the end of week one. Like yesterday, we started the morning off on a very motivational note then broke into the groups we formed yesterday.


Halfway there, I’m going all the way up!


Continue reading “Vestibule Day 4 (Halfway there )”

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