Intro/ Summary of Day

Today, I was thrown into the vast waters of web development and the clock began ticking for me to reach out for a flotation device. During the process of  being introduced to command line, hearing technological jargon, and envisioning what a future  web developing career might look like I felt an array of different emotions. They ranged from electrifying excitement from learning something new, to petrifying fear of the foreign material I was being exposed to. One of the things that came up today was a discussion about which is an open, interactive interface that takes the fundamental ideas of processing to the web in a library format.

Upon leaving for the day, we were given our first homework assignment of the vestibule which consisted of a few things. The first being to create this lovely website for documentation purposes, secondly we were to examine p5.js and use the reference to examine and explore what a function does.That being said…without further ado, here it goes.

From the understanding I gained looking at p5.js site and youtube videos… a function is ultimately what everything will come down to, and is fundamental to how things work in Java script. All in all, today was an extremely mentally stimulating day and a real glimpse into what the rest of this vestibule will hold. Until my next entry, may the force be with you.