Today felt like a huge accomplishment to me. Due to the fact I was completely lost the first day,  I stayed up all night trying to gain an understand of a few concepts and it helped. The stuff I looked at were the topics for today day: function setup() , function()draw, color, location,oder of operations,basic drawings.

Function setup() is the first thing that you have to do in oder to move to another step. For example, I like to think of it as a piece of metal it has the potential  be something beautiful but it’s not developed. Let’s say that metal with develop into a car, but it’s missing a few things  like a size engine and color,etc. The shell of the car can be looked at as createCanvas() this will determine what size our Lambrigini will be. From what we learned today the coordinates for the size are based off an x-axis and y -axis that starts in the top left of our web page.

Anyway once you have the function setup() along with the createCanvas() you can either add color to the Canvas or you can move on to the function draw() . Function draw allows us to design the car anyway way we choose. If we wanted to make a car out of ellipse we could or it can be bases off of square(whatever floats your boat). The point I am making is that  it allows you to add style elements such as color,location and style elements to the work you create in your canvas.

One thing that we learned about the order of operations for a basic drawing is that if you want a shape to be a specific color it would have to come before the thing you want colored. If we think back to english class we would fill() something with a color, color acts as an adjective describing a  noun (person,place thing), in our case the shape with that specific color. Also, if I’m not mistaken color will be inputted as three numbers,for example black would be  fill(o,0,0).  As for location of where your objects appear on your create Canvas() It is determined by syntax and from my understanding syntax deals with functions. If a function we have things called arguments that direct the functions. A function consists of (x,y,__,__) The numbers inside the parenthesis  control location and location is based on the x-axis  and y-axis that starts in the left hand corner of a webpage. So essential you object moves through the coordinates you input.

In addition to learning all of this info, we also teamed up in pairs to create something based off of these principle. It was a very different, yet fun active. That activity made me realize how what we are learning blends together. The demo session that we had to present showed me how challenging it is to articulate technological concepts, when you are trying to understand them. I was fooled since Professor D makes teaching tech look so easy. One day I hope to be able to do the same. That being said, until next time may the force be with you!