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The Technical Aspect of Tech

For every action you have an equal and opposite reaction” that’s Newton’s third law of motion, the end. Input is the action the output is the result or reaction. This means that life can be thought of as a function and the dialogue you tell yourself can act as the arguments.
Today I realized…if you don’t have the tools to get the job done you will run into a problem, if you don’t have the correct syntax you will run into a problem, and if you get frustrated and give up you will run into a problems.

I read a quote on by Suzie Wokabi that stated: “It is not easy to break into or be successful…Success stories all revolve around extreme passion.” That being said today we went over concepts like variables in class; however I was having trouble working on p5.js (my tool) therefore my result was a lack of understanding the concepts. Thankfully, instead of working in pairs to do a demo, some of us were given the time for a review. During that time we reviewed concepts dealing with variable syntax, flow and structure, and coordinates. An example would be function setup() and function drive() the two main  functions of p5.js. In addition to that we learned about EDP (Event-driven programming which is  it’s based on input and output); and we learned about how R,B,G, – red blue, and green stand for color and  has specific range numbers. Lucky for me, p5,js functioned properly on my personal computer this evening so I was able to play around with the concepts that we learned.

While today was challenging in the sense that I had to keep my head free of negative thoughts, it was also very rewarding. I stayed up late into the night watching Dan’s videos from the base level up to variables. You can see one result below.

May the force be with you, you’ll here from me in a future post!

P.S. This can be found in my Eureka fill in dropbox. It’s the result of the light bulb turned on.


Picture of a Cannon