Today day marked the fourth day of the vestibule and the end of week one. Like yesterday, we started the morning off on a very motivational note then broke into the groups we formed yesterday.


Halfway there, I’m going all the way up!


We went over flow and structure and went straight through to the material the others in class had an understand of. When asked to come up and show my code I felt more confident due to the fact I possessed a deeper understanding of the material covered. This has been a fantastic week that I was a sad to see come to a close. Now all I seem to think about is how to learn things that related to coding and technology and I love it. Being exposed to the art ¬†of coding in this short time span off a week has definitely made a huge impact on me. I believe that signing up for the info session was one of the best choices I have ever made and can’t wait to learn more next week.

Until Next time, may the force be with you!