The Sign Screamed,”Look at me!”


It was Saturday morning and after a long, mentally challenging week it is tempting to give into the urge of putting responsibilities on the back burner. However, the winner  will always go the distance (even when the trains are running horribly due to weekend scheduling).

Yesterday,  Saturday February 18, 2017, I along with several of my fellow classmates went the extra distance and attended a Monthly Music Hackaton NYC event which was held in Spotify’s office space. Although this was a mandatory  event for the vestibule it felt more like a test for myself to see how far I was willing to go to be the best.

The hackathon , which has been  run by volunteers  since it’s inception, gives individuals who are interested in music as well as engineering  the chance to meet , network, and absorb as much music/ tech/ engineering information as their heart desires. After cooping with planned schedule changes on my train,  I arrived for the noon to 1pm session to hear the special guests. When I entered the through the doors of the  7th floor I was instantly greeted by a room full of  people who were anxiously waiting for the program to start. When I looked around I saw several of the fellas of tech impact waving me over. A few minutes after I arrived the program began.

Although  four speakers presented their projects, the last two captivated me with their work and presentation styles. These two speakers were George Micheal Bower  and Marei-Celine Merret Wirstrom. Bower is the who is the founder of Always & Forever Computer Entertainment created an interactive game called Playthings. The cool thing about his project is that it made you want to be the person in the video playing the game it wasn’t enough to just sit and watch it. He was pondering  on the question, “what it means to be within music not just hear it?” He programs things like gummy bears and musical notes to convey various sounds and make users warm up to the idea of becoming musicians and possible software  developers. He radiated a love for what he does and because of that his presentation was fun to watch.

Secondly, Marie-Celine Merret Wirstrom who is an experiential producer presented her work that discussed the impact music has on visuals. So many times we take for granted the fact that we have the ability to see or hear and forget the people who can’t. That’s why her work was so interesting. Through the use of creative coding and various software she is able to impact humanity in an extraordinary  and creative way. See utilizes technology to help deaf individuals perceive music through their  senses.  She was asking the audience what does music feel like? What does it smell like? During her presentation I was inspired. In my interview with GA I told the panel that I believe that the utilization of technology gives ordinary people the power to aid humanity. Through what I learned at the hackathon saturday, I firmly believe that coding is a way to assist humanity.  I am so anxious to become a web developer. My mission is  to change the world and I believe that web development is a way to do just that.

Once lunch was served several of us ate and then departed to proceed with the rest of our day. With our heads full of newly acquired knowledge , we walked off into the big city envisioning the future.

I took a video of Bower but it would not upload to this free version of wordpress…I’ll upload it to dropbox instead.

As always, until next time… may the force be with you!