Today was the first day of the second week and I learned something new. Last week when we were asked  to team up in groups for projects and  I possessed a limited understanding of p5.js, so as a result the questions  I thought of  and the way I looked at the code was different.

Today I didn’t just see a glob of letters and numbers on the screen I saw possibilities, and I pleasantly surprised myself because I was starting to get the hang of the lingo. I am proud because I am starting to think more like a web developer.

Anyway, I was nervous to branch out into groups because  in a sense I was self conscious about not knowing being able to communicate in the correct terminology and I have trouble understanding how various functions work. Doing group work, by default, caused me to not only acknowledge but show what I don’t know and try to clearly express what I do. In a sense it broadened the scope for me. I liked the dynamics of our group which consisted of me, Dalini and Justin.We played on each others strengths and assisted on weakness. While we only managed to get to project three the journey there was fun.

It’s funny because it seems like every time I think I am managing to understand a concept I don’t. Then I do, them I don’t again, or  I mess up a syntax structure,etc. At times when I  am working on codes it feels like a roller coaster ride that has the ability to give me nausea and make me absolutely terrified. On the flip side, it makes me think like a visionary, it fosters my love of learning, and leaves me open to the unknown, the black hole of possibilities.

With the ending of this two week vestibule quickly coming to a close, I am trying everyday to become little more transparent, to ask for help when I need it, and to envision my life as a web developer.

As always until next time, may the force be with you!