This is my vision board. The reason I am posting it is because it contains some very powerful words that have helped me on my coding journey thus far. One of my favorite quotes comes from a youtube video called The Winning Mentality states: ”Getting better isn’t a hack or trick, it’s a campaign of hard work and dedication every single day.”

I have woken up ever day of this vestibule ready to campaign. My protesting fingers can attest to, I never type this much.   That being said  From this day forward I am committing to mastery of coding, I am campaigning for  a better life. I am campaigning for a way to aid humanity through my technological creativity.

Another Quote by Alok Mohan Tamhankar states:

So, decide what you want to do. Start doing it. And burn everything else that you see as a potential crutch. Make no mistake. That’s not a crutch that will enable you to hobble to success. It will only make you want to hobble, when all the time you could have run…sprinted to success!!!

I have decided  now I  am executing… putting the 4 keys to a sweet life (as shown in the vision) to action.

Until next time, May the force be with you!