Tomorrow is the last final day of the last day of the 2 week session and I am little  worried. It has been a short journey, yet it feels like a long trek from where I started. Today I realized that disorganization is  dangerous for a  web developer . Why do I say this?  I was trying to upload some of my work to GitHub  and my usb as well as my  Dropbox looked like this glob of files that were duplicated, etc. It was terrible.  I don’t know what’s worst, running long distance  instead of a sprint or the result of not thinking up a plan before doing something (creating files that aren’t clear) .


Git Hub seems like it can be really fun once you get the hang of it. It’s nice that it is  user friendly so people who aren’t wizards at tech can use it. I had a bit of trouble at first due to the fact I didn’t realize that you had to load each individual thing within the file, so when I acquired the understanding it became easier. I am starting from scratch on several projects that were posted on the board since my group did not get to work on them together. Looking through my usb and dropbox I realize that I did not get to collaborate with others that much since I was trying to get p5 to work on both my personal mac and the one a LAGCC. At other times I was participating in the review session.

While I could go on for hours writing about the day, I will stop, pray,  and get back to coding .

I will post the final post for the 2 week session tomorrow.As always, may the force be with you!