Today marked the start of my second week  in the Tech Impact Web Development portion of the vestibule. During the first week I was overwhelmed, due to the fact I was taken out of my comfort zone by the new information that was presented to me. Fascinated, confused, frustrated, and worried all describe how I felt this week.

  1.  I was fascinated by the idea of nesting elements within HTML and CSS documents.
  2. Frustrated by my constant errors in  HTML and CSS syntax.
  3. Confused on styling a nav bar, nth-child selectors , and other elements within css.
  4.  Worried because the lingo of HTML and CSS  was foreign to me.

Over the weekend I had to take the time to watch a few youtube videos on the topics we went over because I didn’t fully understand them in class. While I have a better mental understanding now, I am still working on the applying what I learn each day ( this has been a challenge for me).

In addition to watching youtube videos,  I took the time to memorize the lingo because I realized that not knowing the correct terminology was  one source of the disconnect for me. Learning the terminology  made me feel more equipt to construct html and css documents.

 Over all I liked last week and realize that practice is the key, so that’s what I intend to keep doing.

As always, may the force be with you!