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Vestibule Day 3

In the Tech Zone here passion coming through

The Technical Aspect of Tech

For every action you have an equal and opposite reaction” that’s Newton’s third law of motion, the end. Input is the action the output is the result or reaction. This means that life can be thought of as a function and the dialogue you tell yourself can act as the arguments.
Today I realized…if you don’t have the tools to get the job done you will run into a problem, if you don’t have the correct syntax you will run into a problem, and if you get frustrated and give up you will run into a problems. Continue reading “Vestibule Day 3”


Vestibule Day 2

Today felt like a huge accomplishment to me. Due to the fact I was completely lost the first day,  I stayed up all night trying to gain an understand of a few concepts and it helped. The stuff I looked at were the topics for today day: function setup() , function()draw, color, location,oder of operations,basic drawings. Continue reading “Vestibule Day 2”

The Vestibule Day 1

Intro/ Summary of Day

Today, I was thrown into the vast waters of web development and the clock began ticking for me to reach out for a flotation device. During the process of  being introduced to command line, hearing technological jargon, and envisioning what a future  web developing career might look like I felt an array of different emotions. They ranged from electrifying excitement from learning something new, to petrifying fear of the foreign material I was being exposed to. One of the things that came up today was a discussion about which is an open, interactive interface that takes the fundamental ideas of processing to the web in a library format. Continue reading “The Vestibule Day 1”

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